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Hi I’m Bret Glassett and it’s great that you stopped by. I run WordPress Sherpa.

I’m sure you have ascertained that I code stuff – I am the founder of WordPress Sherpa and the lead programmer. But let me enlighten you as to the depth of who I am outside of the interwebs.

To me life is to be a joyous journey – regardless of the activity that I may be currently engaged in. I spend most days trying to figure out how to be a happier, more intuitive, spiritual person who inflicts the most good when interacting with others. Yes folks, I’ll admit it, you can always expect me to be the person asking how to do things better the next time; even if they are already good.

For me finding this growth is found in the comfort of the mountains – which is where you will find me farming, hiking, fly fishing among many possible outdoor actives. I also run a Permaculture / sustainability consulting and design business just outside of Grass Valley and Nevada City, CA. However, fondness and family still reside in Boulder and Denver, CO, where grew up.

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Hi, I’m Beth and I help keep things running and keep Bret in line.

I am the lead designer and project manager for WordPress Sherpa.

It should be no surprise I love graphic design – in fact, I’ve been doing it for over a decade. I have worked for both big and small companies, for firms and freelance. But there’s much more to me than just that.

I’m a designer in many realms. Here, through understanding user experience, I create beautiful graphics for us to interact with on a digital level. In my garden, by utilizing permaculture philosophies for holistic and sustainable methods I connect food, land, water and people. Lastly, through my expression with ceramic pottery and reclaimed woodworking, I showcase my artistic principles in the raw physical form.

I am on a path of continual learning; I endeavor to deepen my understanding of our natural systems and energetics, allowing me to create space for all life to experience the most beautiful of existence through all forms of art. In balance with my digital graphic life, you’ll most often find me in nature, connecting to inspiration – recharging mind, body and spirit.

Beth Brettell

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