What is the Difference Between Low End Web Service Providers and High End Web Service Providers?

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In the world of web design there is a large gap between the cheapest web service provider and the most expensive web service provider; with many in between. You can have a basic website or blog created for as little as a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars; a social networking site can be outsourced for under $10k, or a high end service provider can charge upwards of $200k. So what is the difference? Why might a client want to consider the caliber of their web service provider?

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PHP Includes for Non-Developers

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I usually will not write tutorials as there are many great ones available on any given topic; but this one I have not often seen, and would have loved to have known about it along time ago.

Any HTML/CSS web designer who doesn’t know PHP can certainly make good use of this PHP include statement. PHP includes are very useful for making global changes on smaller HTML/CSS websites, just as CSS is a tool to easily make global changes to styles and layouts.


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